Private bath

Private bath

Private bath with unlimited beer consumption or a bottle of wine for 2 people


Beer bath 60 minutes
with unlimited consumption of Staropramen beer


Another whirlpool 60 minutes

with a bottle of wine 0.7 l

  • Bath in roses + Frizzante rosé wine
  • Peat bath + wine (white/red)
  • Lavender bath + wine (white/red)
  • Eucalyptus bath + wine (white/red)
  • Cleopatra's bath (orange) + wine
  • further according to the current offer

Opening hours & prices

Monday — Sunday
09:00 — 21:00
Private bath
1590 CZK / 60 min
We recommend our guests to book the selected procedure at least 3 days before the planned stay.
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Discover the secret of body and soul regeneration

A private beer bath is a great gift for all relaxation lovers. Buy a voucher in our e-shop and you can give it as a gift immediately.



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